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Overseas Affiliates

Juken Technology Ltd.Singapore

Juken Mecplas Technology Pte. Ltd.


Juken International Pte. Ltd.

Juken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Thailand
Juken Technology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Korea Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.Korea
Taiwan Juken Co., Ltd.Taiwan
Juken Zhuhai Co., Ltd.China
Juken Micro-Air (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.China
JST (Zhuhai) FactoryChina
Juken Technology Huizhou Co Ltd.China

Juken Technology (Dong-Guan) Co., Ltd.

Juken Uniproducts LimitedIndia
PT Juken Technology Indonesia (Jakarta)Indonesia
Juken Swiss Technology AG (“JST”)Switzerland
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