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1965 Juken Kogyo was established as a private associate by the founder, Mr. Motoo Matsuura

After a mold shop section launched in Juken Kogyo, Juken Fine Tool Co., Ltd. (JFT) was established as an independent company.


The machinery section was separated. And established as Juken Machine Works Co., Ltd. (JMW)


From this year, international affiliates are established  as joint venture companies.

Taiwan Juken Co. Ltd.
Korea Juken Co., Ltd. 
Seoul Juken Co., Ltd. (Closed)
Juken Technology Singapore
Juken (Zhuhai) Technology (China)
Juken Thailand
Juken Technology Malaysia
Juken Hong Kong


Juken Net Runner Service Co., Ltd. established
KJ Pretech

1996 Juken Tiny Parts Co., Ltd. established

ISO 14001 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified (Self declaration)

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