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Environment and Quality Management Policy

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Environmental Considerations

It is obligatory for a company not only to pursue profit, but to maintain good environment where our children could live happily. Although Juken Kogyo is a small business entity, it recognizes that preservation of global environment is an important issue, and acts positively towards an environmental improvement.

Philosophy of environmental consciousness

Juken Group promotes environment management with the following plans by utilizing molding technology with slogan: “The Beautiful Earth for our children”.

  1. To promote environmental activities and provide an effective organization for all employees, work groups can join the activities.

  2. Environmental-related laws, regulations and our company agreements are observed, and it strives for the prevention of contamination.

  3. Enacted environmental preservation aim and target are fulfilled, while continuous improvement is performed. And efficient environmental management system will be  established.

  4. Regarding these EMS clauses as the most significant items among active conducts of business for environmental consciousness.

    - Energy saving: minimizing energy consumption of production sites.
    - Emission control: improving waste emission and recycle scheme to establish zero emission factories.
    - Toxic substance: Hazardous chemical substance management of products and material observes laws and regulations in and outside the country and user-requirements matter.

  5.  Internal environment audit is carried out and it strives for the improvement in maintenance of an EMS.

  6. Constitute meetings and internal education class for all employees to improve and boost up the understanding of global environmental consciousness.

Environmental program of Juken Group

Our strong energy saving consciousness has been grown since the oil crisis in 1973. Originally this was not the main environmental consideration. At that time, it was not for global environmental considerations but for the improvement of the productivity of business. On the other hand, the significance of environmental issue is higher than ever. With its synergy effect, our continuous act of energy saving is getting more important.

As a main target to improve environmental consciousness and business, continuous green procurement is performed.

This action is already established itself and learned well internally. Yet still aiming to improve the quality of the activity.

  1. Supervise and control emission
  2. Promoting recycling activity
  3. Power saving
  4. Consistant lecturing for employees
  5. Extensive classification of trash
  6. Planting

ISO14001 Certification

April 28th 2006  ISO 14001 Certified 

Other environmental program

Jan. 2007 X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (SII Technology Inc. SEA1000A) is installed
Apr. 2006

Certification of ISO 14000 is granted to main factory and head office from High Pressure Gas Safety Institute.

June 2003

Sony Green Partnership is granted.

May 2002 Green Procurement certification is granted by Ricoh
Sep. 1999

1 year program consultation from Sony Facility Management.

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