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Super small molding machine for micro molding

    It gives power to small quantity productions.

    Easy operation and suitability for small quantity production. This is the machine enabling automatic production of the "Powder Gear" 1/1,000,000 g wt., the ultimate micro molding machine.


    • The outstanding operativity and high reproducibility
      - 120 mold condition memory space is available.
      - Accumulator is installed for high speed injection.
    • It corresponds to further rationalization, full automation, and minimization.
      - 24 hour full automatic operation.
      - Enables factory operation at low cost. Molding data is available to transfer via Ethernet (optional).

    • Super small size and safe
      - Saves space and energy by its compact body.
      - Safety measures are also integrated on hydraulic system, temperature controlling systems and clamping units.

    JMW molding machines are ready for optimization to fulfill your needs.
    (Ex. Automatic metal insertion, automatic unscrewing molding, automatic products retrieving and cavity separation.)


    Standard Equipment

    • Hopper drier
    • Mold temperature controller
    • 90 mold condition memory space
    • Color touch panel
    • Air blow circuit (2 lines)
    • Accumulator
    • Signal tower
    • Automatic trouble detection
    • Alarm history
    • Work rate display
    • Cycle time display
    • Shot counter
    • Production counter
    • Cold start protection for screw
    • Automatic purge circuit
    • Heater line break detection
    • Line break alarm for temp. sensors
    • Low pressure clamping device
    • Mold protection device
    • Oil temperature, oil level watcher

    Outer Dimension


    Parameter Unit Value
    Clamping force kN(tonf) 15.98(1.63)
    Mold opening force kN(tonf) 9.8(1.00)
    Clamping stroke mm 100
    Daylight mm 165
    Min. mold thickness mm 65
    Max. mold size mm 50×50
    Ejector stroke mm 15
    Screw diameter mm 14
    Injection capacity cm3 2.3
    Max. injection pressure MPa 132.6
    Max. injection speed cm/s 29
    Injection ratio cm3/s 45
    Hopper capacity L 2
    Pump motor kW 1.5
    Heater kW 1.36
    Hydraulic oil L 15
    Machine wight kg 300
    Dimension mm 980×900×1,880

    Online Catalog

    JMW-017S-1.5t Catalog 397KB

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